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Learn Quran Online with Qaf Quran AcademyBy leveraging its extensive network of top Quran instructors and knowledgeable Islamic scholars.

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Fill out the form to begin your journey of online Quran learning with our outstanding Quran instructors. Our team will contact you to arrange your trial classes.

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Complete the form to experience our FREE Trial classes and learn the Quran online. Qaf Quran Academy provides up to Three Days of complimentary trials. Enroll with us today!

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Why Choose Qaf Quran Academy?

Our Competitive Features

Flexible Schedule 24/7

As a dedicated team of professionals, our online Quran teachers are accessible around the clock. This presents an excellent opportunity for you and your children to engage in online Quran classes at your convenience from any location.

Money Back Guarantee

If you are dissatisfied with our online Quran classes and instructors within the first month, you are eligible for a refund of your payment.

Affordable Tuition Fee

All our services are competitively priced, and we provide discounts on family packages and concessions for the less privileged. With Qaf Quran Academy, learning the Quran online has never been more accessible.

Qualified Quran Teachers

Qaf Quran Academy maintains stringent standards in selecting its teachers. Our male and female online Quran instructors are highly trained experts, certified to provide top-notch online Quran education for children and adults.

Authentic & Suitable Curriculum

The curriculum is crafted to grasp the fundamentals of Islamic teachings, following a predefined lesson plan in the classes. Teacher training programs are structured, providing ready-made lessons for an enhanced online Quran learning experience.

Certificate of Appraisal

After completing a course, Qaf Quran Academy issues an appreciation certificate to all students. This certificate reflects the abilities and assurance of our students in completing the corresponding studies.

In This Modern Age of
Latest Technologies!

Today, Learning the Quran Online is a basic need in our Lives.

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Who We Are?

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We recognize the challenge faced by many families residing in non-Muslim countries, where there may be limited opportunities for children to learn the Quran with Tajweed and other essential Islamic lessons. Acknowledging the necessity of an online Quran education platform, we, as Muslim parents, feel responsible for imparting the fundamental teachings of the Quran and Islam to our children. Consequently, we have initiated various online services tailored for our Muslim daughters, brothers, and sisters.

At Qaf Quran Academy, our foremost priority is the quality of education. As a pioneering and well-known online Islamic platform, our Quran classes are the preferred choice for numerous Muslim parents residing in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Qatar, Norway, and other countries worldwide. We boast highly qualified male and female Quran teachers and Islamic scholars who have graduated from renowned Islamic institutes and universities in Egypt, Jordan, the USA, Saudi Arabia, and Pakistan. They are proficient in teaching and guiding children in English, Urdu, Arabic, Punjabi, Hindi, and Pashto.

Our goal is to offer quality education accessible to all, disseminating the teachings of the Quran, principles of Sharia, and the Hadiths of the Prophet to a global audience. Our interactive online environment replicates a physical classroom experience, providing 1-1 live sessions for enhanced and focused student attention. We guarantee that your classes will be overseen by the Qaf Quran Academy admin, facilitating easy access to student attendance records, test marks, and monthly progress.

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How Do Our Online Quran Classes Work?

As a dedicated team available around the clock, our representative will promptly contact you via email or phone once you submit the form for free trials. They will work with you to schedule your trial classes at a convenient time, ensuring you can learn from one of our qualified teachers.

To begin your journey in any course, you only need a laptop, computer, iPad, and an internet connection. Our online Quran classes are conducted through platforms such as Skype and Zoom. These are one-on-one sessions, ensuring that each class is personalized with only one student and one teacher, with 30- or 45 durations based on the chosen plan.

Upon completing the free trials, if you find satisfaction with our teachers, time management, and curriculum, you will be invited to register for permanent and regular classes by subscribing to a monthly plan.

Don’t delay for a tomorrow that may never arrive; join us today for easy and rapid learning.

Qaf Quran Academy Offers Many
Courses to Learn the Quran Online

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Learn Basic Noorani Qaida Online
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Learn to Recite Quran Online
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Quran Memorization Online
Boy reading Quran
Learn Quran with Tajweed Online
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Learn Quran with Tafseer Online
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Learn Islamic Studies Online

Are You Looking for the Best Online Quran Academy for Your Kids or Yourself?

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Frequently Asked Questions

In which country do you provide services?

We offer online Quran and Islamic education without any geographical limitations. Our students can join from anywhere if they have a computer/laptop and internet access.

How It’s Work?

First, you need a PC and Headphones or a Laptop, a Chromebook, an internet connection, and a Skype account.

Is there any trial period available?

Yes, we do provide three-day trial classes.

Are there any makeup classes?

Yes, we’re responsible for making up the class If your tutor misses your class, unfortunately. Still, we’re not responsible if a student misses the class with notice or without any notice. We will make up the class if your tutor misses or fails to attend any class with or without notice. Your regular tutor will make up the class. We will arrange your make-up class with another tutor if he can’t do it.

Is it User Friendly?

Yes, One on One classes are highly impactful, and our instructors employ diagrams and virtual whiteboards to enhance the learning experience.

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