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Tafseer is the comprehension of the significance of each ayah and surah in the Quran. Many individuals who recite the Quran often overlook delving into its meaning and context due to time constraints, given the mandatory nature of frequent Quran recitation in Islam. Reciting the Quran is viewed as a beneficial practice among Muslims worldwide, serving as a problem-solving gift. While reciting Quranic verses is integral to prayers, a significant number of people fall short in going beyond the mere recitation, failing to grasp the depth of meaning and context. In today’s fast-paced world, people, even when afforded the time, often prioritize electronic devices over understanding the Quran. Nevertheless, mastering Quranic Tafseer requires more than just reading its meanings from a book; it necessitates a profound understanding facilitated by qualified Islamic scholars or online Tafseer Quran teachers proficient in Arabic language, grammar, Hadith, and the fundamental principles of Islamic Shariah. Qaf Quran Academy recognizes the crucial importance of comprehending the Quran accurately and, therefore, provides online classes dedicated to understanding the Quran and learning its Tafseer.

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Online Quran Memorization

First, get a 3-days free trial. After satisfaction, you can proceed for admission.

Course Outline & Duration

The duration of this course ranges from a minimum of 8 months to a maximum of 12 months. Many students may complete the course either earlier or later than the specified timeframe due to certain fundamental factors at play.

  • Weekly class frequency
  • Class size
  • Age of students
  • Reviewing lessons at home

Age limit for this course

Regardless of age, individuals aged 5 to 70 are eligible to enrol in this course, with a special focus on children aged five and older.

Enrolment for Noorani Qaida

Irrespective of age, individuals aged 5 to 70 are welcome to apply for this course, which is specifically tailored for children aged five or older.

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The fundamentals of the Quran can be learned by anyone through online lessons.

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Learn Quran Tafseer Online

The Ummah Muslima received the Quran fourteen centuries ago, with its profound knowledge revealed over twenty-three years. Thoroughly memorizing its extensive content, coupled with understanding each ayah and surah through Tafseer, requires significant time. Despite frequent recitation, the Quran remains one of the least comprehended books in the Muslim world. While millions engage in daily recitation and attempt to learn, the crucial question is how many truly understand its essence, seek guidance, and incorporate its teachings into their lives.

Qaf Quran Academy stands out as a reputable and renowned institution dedicated to providing online Tafseer Quran education. Our team comprises highly qualified and proficient Islamic scholars who possess the expertise to effectively impart the teachings of the Quran, ensuring a simplified understanding for learners. With Online Tafseer instructors proficient in languages such as English, Arabic, Urdu, and Hindi, we offer a diverse learning experience. Our educators hold certificates and Ijaza from reputable Islamic universities, validating their competence in teaching the Tafseer ul Quran online. Embark on an enriching online Tafseer course with Qaf Quran Academy, led by the finest Quran scholars. Our comprehensive curriculum is designed to facilitate a profound comprehension of the Quran and its deep teachings.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In which country do you provide services?

We offer online Quran and Islamic education without any geographical limitations. Our students can join from anywhere if they have a computer/laptop and internet access.

How it’s Work?

First, you need a PC and Headphones or a Laptop, a Chromebook, an internet connection, and a Skype account.

Is there any trial period available?

Yes, we do provide three-day trial classes.

Are there any makeup classes?

Yes, we’re responsible for making up the class If your tutor misses your class, unfortunately. Still, we’re not responsible if a student misses the class with notice or without any notice. We will make up the class if your tutor misses or fails to attend any class with or without notice. Your regular tutor will make up the class. We will arrange your make-up class with another tutor if he can’t do it.

Is it User Friendly?

Yes, One on One classes are highly impactful, and our instructors employ diagrams and virtual whiteboards to enhance the learning experience.