Online Quran Memorization

This program is tailored for children, as well as brothers and sisters, who possess a strong enthusiasm and interest in memorizing the Quran. Upon finishing the Qaida course, students are eligible to enroll in this program. With dedicated time and full devotion, you can successfully memorize the Quran. Our qualified Quran tutors offer guidance through a flexible schedule designed to accommodate your memorization journey.

Methodology for Quran Memorization:

Every class session is divided into the following 3 parts.


New Lesson


Daily revision of previous lessons of same Juz, which students has memorized in recent past.


Revision of at least any half Juz, which the student already memorised.

learn noorani qaida

Online Quran Memorization

First, get a 3-days free trial. After satisfaction, you can proceed for admission.

Course Outline & Duration

The duration of this course can range from a minimum of 8 months to a maximum of 12 months. Many students may complete the course either sooner or later than the specified timeframe due to certain fundamental factors at play.

  • Weekly class frequency
  • Class size
  • Student age
  • Review of lessons at home

Age limit for this course

Regardless of age, individuals aged 5 to 70 are eligible to enrol in this course, with a specific emphasis on children aged five or older.

Enrolment for Noorani Qaida

This course is open to individuals of all ages, ranging from 5 to 70 years. It is specifically tailored for children aged five and above.

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Plays a key role in other courses

The fundamentals of the Quran can be learned by anyone through online lessons.

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Today, Learning the Quran Online is a basic need in our Lives.

You will find it better than you think. Book your 3-days free trial classes now.

Learn Noorani Qaida Online

Enrolling in the online course ‘Learn Noorani Qaida’ is essential for acquiring the fundamental skills needed to learn the Quran and the basic rules of Tajweed. This course encompasses crucial lessons for Quranic recitation, making it an ideal choice for beginners embarking on their Quranic education. Individuals starting from scratch in Quranic studies are encouraged to pursue and complete the Noorani Qaida online course. Comprising 25 lessons and spanning 48 pages, it offers a concise yet comprehensive approach, which is why many instructors in both Arab and non-Arab nations prefer teaching it.

learn noorani qaida

Frequently Asked Questions

In which country do you provide services?

We offer online Quran and Islamic education without any geographical limitations. Our students can join from anywhere if they have a computer/laptop and internet access.

How it’s Work?

First, you need a PC and Headphones or a Laptop, a Chromebook, an internet connection, and a Skype account.

Is there any trial period available?

Yes, we do provide three-day trial classes.

Are there any makeup classes?

Yes, we’re responsible for making up the class If your tutor misses your class, unfortunately. Still, we’re not responsible if a student misses the class with notice or without any notice. We will make up the class if your tutor misses or fails to attend any class with or without notice. Your regular tutor will make up the class. We will arrange your make-up class with another tutor if he can’t do it.

Is it User Friendly?

Yes, One on One classes are highly impactful, and our instructors employ diagrams and virtual whiteboards to enhance the learning experience.